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About BAT Capital

Bat Capital was established at the end of 2014. It was co-founded by Qu Tian, former VP of CDH Investments, and Xiao Jun, founder of AMAP. Liang Minjun, former VP of International Operations of Ant Financial,joined BAT Capital in 2017 as venture partner.

As a venture capital fund focused on early-stage startups, BAT Capital is able to identify and assist excellent start-ups that are in urgent need of help on their way to become Unicorns. The founding partners have significant investment, entrepreneurship and management experience, as well as a broad professional network, are able to provide necessary assistances to portfolio companies in all aspects.

We mainly focus on early-stage startups in the areas of IoT, AI, Big Data, Fintech and Culture & Entertainment.

Many of our portfolio companies, such as Tuya Smart, Shuidihuzhu, Licaimofang and Zebra Driving have already become market leaders.